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Christine is the lone canoer in this shot. Straight out of the camera, except for resizing.12:13 am: Waiting for Perseids.Jason, Thomas, Wade, Phil, Anna Kate, Skyler.Morning reading and conversation. Andrea, Jason, Thomas, Wade, Phil, Skyler, Anna Kate. Jean, Christine, and Kathy are in the tent.Newly renovated kitchen. Jean, Phil, Christine, Kathy, Wade.Jan gets a chance to eat.Thomas.Andrea reads "The House of the Scorpion."Jean and Anna.Anna sketches.Thomas and Phil. Fourth Lake is the backdrop. Old Forge is at the other end of this lake.Flowers near the gatehouse 3.Flowers near the gatehouse 2.Flowers near the gatehouse 4.Andrea playing in the pond, which I think should be a lake.

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